Resume for Marja Partanen


Phone nr.:      +46 31 168201 (home), +46 704 753351 (mobile)

Nationality:     Swedish


Summary: I am a support technician who have worked with technical support via telephone, email and personal visits, from 1st to 3rd line and as a team leader. Always professional, and always with a smile on my face, easily forming relationships with users and customers. My education and passion is within the area of making technology understandable and a great tool for everyone. My goal is to eventuelly develop into a 3rd line/expert role within a support environment.


Key skills


o        Operating systems: Windows XP, Linux Redhat, Solaris (intermediate to expert), Windows 2000, Windows 2003 terminal server (basic).

o        Computer languages: Java, Bash, Perl (basic), Ada, Haskell (intermediate).

o        Networking: TCP/IP (intermediate), Cisco switches, DHCP (basic).

o        Databases: SQL, MySQL, Access (basic).

o        Hardware: PC, Sun, HP printers, coax/fibre alarm cabling (basic to intermediate).

o        Support applications: RT - Request Tracker, Kayako (intermediate).

o        Other applications: Active Directory, Word, Emacs, Excel, Thunderbird (intermediate), Outlook (basic).

o        Languages: Swedish (native), English (proficient), Norwegian (conversational), French (beginner).



Professional experience


Support technician / Support manager, Lavasoft AB, July 2006 – May 2007

o        Managed a team of five and was in charge of support at Lavasoft, including responsibility for budget, support processes and keeping the service level agreements.

o        Supported all aspects of Lavasoft’s antispyware and firewall software for platforms Windows 9.x, 2000 and XP. Installations, license issues, removal of infections etc. Clients ranged from personal home users to system administrators for large corporate networks.

o        Used English as both the written language of support and the spoken language at work (international workplace).


Support  technician and junior network technician, Chalmers University of Technology, September 2004 – December 2005.

o        Provided local and remote desktop support for Redhat Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows XP and Windows 2003 terminal server.

o        Performed some system administrative tasks, with basic shell scripting in Bash.

o        Set up network connections to clients, including work with Cisco switches and DHCP server.

o        Administrated user accounts and groups with Active Directory.

o        Repaired PC and Sun hardware and HP printers.

o        Participated in a restructuring project for the central IT department. Collected information from all sub-departments and put together an overview of the support activities and presented it to the central project management.


Web editor, Chalmers University of Technology, June 2005 – September 2005

o        Restructured the support/information website of the IT department.

o        Updated the technical content of the webpages.


Teaching assistant, Chalmers University of Technology, fall semesters, 2001 – 2002.

o        Supervised project work for an introductory course to computer technology.





M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, 1998 - 2004.

Directed towards cognition technology, software and usability. Master’s thesis: “A systematic microanalysis of social interaction in collaborative virtual environments, a comparison between desktops and immersive 3D systems”. The thesis contributed (co-author) to the article “Successes and Failures in Copresent Situations” in MIT Press, journal Presence: Teleoperators in Virtual Environments, 14(5) October 2005.


Technology and Society, Gothenburg University, fall 2002.

A course (20 weeks full time studying) focusing on how technology is shaped by the social relations and culture in which it was created (and vice versa).


Psychology, Karlstad’s University, fall 1997.

An orientating course (20 weeks full time studying) including neuro-, clinical-, social- and development psychology.



Additional information


Participated in implementing the project ”Diversity in Chalmers IT-programme” at the Department of Technology and Society at Chalmers. The project included a literature study, planning, teaching and leading group exercises about diversity with students at Chalmers studying for M.Sc in information technology.